How many times have you made a New Year’s resolution only to break it at every excuse? The thing about a resolution is that it implies there is a problem to begin with that needs to be resolved.

When you start from a problem place, how are you supposed to move through it with positivity? The thought of it is already an effort, let alone trying to act to find the solution.

At HCI we believe in starting from a solution place, a resolved place, as though you are in your future and already have whatever it is you desired that made you make a New Year’s resolution in the first place.
Look at it this way—how many people make New Year’s resolutions like the following?:

  • This is the year I will lose weight
  • This is my year to fall in love
  • This year I’ll become the healthiest I’ve ever been in my life
  • This year I’ll find financial freedom
  • This year I’ll be more spiritual

What’s wrong with these resolutions? What do they have in common? Yes, they’re a tad vague and abstract. Yes, there’s no action plan or specific target goal. But more importantly, they all come from a place of lacking something to begin with.

What if you reframed your resolution to come from your future, boldest, brightest self? Your future self that has already realized the dream you want to achieve, the weight you want to lose, the money you want to earn, the love you want to attract, the health you want to embody.

This would mean starting from a place of being completely whole; lacking nothing.

Words are powerful, and the words we say silently in our own heads are super powerful. They become our beliefs. At HCI we are all about reframing the way we say things so instead of resolution, try switching it to mantra (Sanskrit for “instrument of thought”.)

The main differentiator between resolutions and mantras is that resolutions are future focused whereas mantras—the way we look at them—are in the pure present. So if you reframe the above statements to be mantras they would sound something like this:

  • I love my body and am comfortable in my own skin
  • I am in love with (fill in qualities you are looking for in a person)
  • I am healthy because (fill in what your body will look and feel like at its healthiest)
  • I am financially free to (fill in goals & dreams financial freedom would allow you)
  • I am spiritually blessed (fill in what this looks and feels like)

Notice that the above statements or mantras are not only in the present, but they are positive and specific and flood you with powerful energy. They imply that you have already achieved your goal and by doing so they hold you as capable of fulfilling your dreams in reality.

Mantras such as these are a lot like having your own personal Health Coach inside you, mirroring your greatest desires and your strongest ambitions, and holding you accountable. How could you not be accountable to something that has already happened? Ha—reverse psychology trick there!

Another thing about a mantra is that it is not like a resolution that you might make at a New Year’s party three minutes before midnight while swigging a bottle of tequila as you shout out: “No more booze! Only green juices from now on!”

No! A mantra is a statement from your heart created with intention.
So, after you read this post (don’t wait till NYE), schedule a time in your calendar to sit quietly, somewhere in nature (because nature listens) or at your desk (once you’ve cleared the clutter) and close your eyes and listen to your heart. What does it long for, truly?

If you’re wanting to lose weight, what’s the real truth behind that desire? Is it wanting to belong? Wanting to feel loved? If it’s wanting health, feel into what you are missing out on in your life right now when your health is below par. If it’s a deeper spiritual fulfillment you’re yearning for, search for that which would make you feel spiritually alive.

Make your mantra work for you. Find meaning in it. And similar to Ghandi’s famous quote—you will become the change you wish to see. Write your mantra out. Write it in your journal, as your screensaver, post it on your fridge, on your bathroom mirror. Over time you will find the “how” to make it come true and once you do, you will know anything is possible.

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