Okay, so HCI Live is over for now and you’re back home, back at work, back in the mundane routine—everything is the same as before you left for hot Arizona only you are a totally different person!

How? Your body language is more empowered—your shoulders are pulled back, your core is warm, your legs feel grounded, your heart feels open.

Your attitude is positive—you feel like saying ‘yes’ to everything, you feel unstoppable, totally capable, in your power, feeling like you can take on the world and then some.

You feel alive inside—you are excited by life’s possibilities, by your the idea of pushing your edge, by what you are capable of when you come from a place of faith and trust rather than fear and doubt.

Then reality sets in. You’ve got bills to pay, kids to feed, a job to go to, a partner to care about and slowly, slowly this magic of connection, excitement, possibility, gratitude, inspiration, love, affection, depth, acceptance and enthusiasm starts to wane.

Don’t let this happen to you. It doesn’t have to be this way.

You may not be able to sustain that exact same oxytocin high that you felt after you gave and received your last heart hug at HCI Live before you left for your flight with tears in your eyes and an abundance of love pumping through your body, but you can learn how to integrate it.

The reality is that straight after a life-enhancing, game-changing, soul-driving event like HCI Live, most of us don’t find ourselves on the bow of a boat at a perfect sunset in a silky red dress with flowers in our hair contemplating our experience and integrating it into our whole being.

Integrate HCI Live and Your Daily Life

So here’s how to integrate your HCI Live experience while getting on with your life:

Go Slow & Breathe

This sounds clichéd and it works. Going slow is key not only to your health but to integrating the high you experienced. Just like in savasana at the end of a yoga class, you lie down and close your eyes to integrate the practice, so too do you need to take time to process whatever it is you went through at the event—good, bad or sublime.

This is not the time to dive into a full-day’s work and answer a million emails that will still be there the next day and the next. It’s not the time to start a brand new project or make huge decisions about your home and your marriage. It is the time however, to go for a mellow walk, drink some herbal tea, take a nap on your bed and just relax into this new you.

Jot Down Your Joy

Joy, as visceral as it is in the moment, can start to feel elusive as it wanes. So, one way to concretize and remember your joy is to journal. Write down all the magical encounters you had at the live event, all the connections you made, the networking opportunities, the lessons learned, the epiphanies had, the big dreams felt, the true you that you witnessed as the new you.

If journaling ain’t your thing and you’re a more visual person, how about creating a dream map of everything you experienced and want to call into your life moving forward? Take a stack of magazines and tear out images and words that resonate with that state of being and, on a huge piece of paper or cardboard, create your dream map so you can look at it for inspiration whenever you want to.

Buddy Up To Share

After the heart-opening, mind-blowing experience of being in a room packed with passion-fueled people just like you who are gearing up to change the world, you need someone to lean on…like a buddy. Choose someone you genuinely connected with at the event, who you really want to stay in contact with, someone you can trust and with whom you had a natural and healthy rapport.

Reach out to your buddy and ask if together you can hold space for one another to feel the feelings that will naturally arise after such an impactful weekend together. In your first conversation, share your joys and fears and decide on a regular time that the two of you can meet to check in. Maybe that’s once a week or once every two weeks. Once you’ve checked in once or twice, you’ll be ready to move onto holding one another accountable for the Action Plan that you will next create.

Make an Action Plan

Even if you decided after the live event that Health Coaching was not for you, you can still create an Action Plan (it’ll just look a little different). If you decided however, that it’s your calling…amazing, then create an Action Plan! If you’re still on the fence but feel like it’s something you’d be good at or you want to serve in this way then again, create an Action Plan.

An Action Plan will hold you accountable to your dreams and goals so that the next time you talk to your buddy, you can both share your plans and hold each other accountable. It doesn’t need to be mega; just start small with baby steps.

For example: Email the person that I had an amazing convo with to ask if they… Come up with a topic that I’m inspired about to start crafting a talk in my community… Set a date that I’m going to hand in my resignation at my soul-sucking job… Buy a five-class package for that exercise routine I know will inspire me to feel healthier… Find a program that’ll help me quit smoking… Buy a book that will inspire me to step into my most authentic self etc.

Once you have the five bulleted Action Plan with set dates that you will make these goals a reality, and you’ve shared them with your buddy, then it’s time to start implementing one every five days. If you do all five at once, you’ll land up in overwhelm. But if you go slow, breathe, jot down your joy, buddy up to share, and do one of your Action Plan plans per week, you’ll be amazed at how far you can go.

Lastly, remember to take extra good care of yourself this week since, after giving and getting so much energy, we can sometimes be prone to burn out or illness. Eat well, hydrate, get plenty of rest, exercise, give lots of hugs and fret not, HCI Live will be back in the fall in a new location with even more inspired people to call your Tribe!

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