Last week we posted Forget time out…how do you take time in?

We got so much enthusiastic engagement from all y’all that we decided to pull your inspiring suggestions on how to take time in for yourself into one blog post so here it is!

As Health Coaches we often give, give, give… so this is a call out to you to GIVE back to yourself at least daily!

So take this opportunity to TRY ON others’ suggestions. You may just find THE self-care action you’ve been needing all along!

Your 50 ways to take time out of busy & time in for YOU: 

  • Head outside to soak up sunshine and get a Vitamin D boost
  • Write in your gratitude or prayer journal
  • Work out first thing in the morning at the gym followed by a steam
  • Drink a yummy breakfast shake on your front porch
  • Take an after-dinner moonlight stroll around the neighborhood with your loved one
  • Bake with your kids
  • Dance in your kitchen while you cook
  • Go to bed really early
  • Get your nails done
  • Go watch a kids’ movie with your kids
  • Practice Qi Gong
  • Watch a movie with your family or friends
  • Start your morning with yoga stretches
  • Connect with others in a drumming circle
  • Do a monthly sweat lodge
  • Walk in nature
  • Weed and plant in your garden
  • Give thanks as soon as you wake up
  • Drink a hot cup of lemon water with turmeric first thing in the morning
  • Sit on your back porch and listen to the birds and squirrels and breathe fresh air
  • Watch old shows that bring back happy childhood memories
  • Play with your pets
  • Go for a bike ride
  • Do a 5-minute grounding meditation breath work
  • Stare out your window and daydream
  • Go snowboarding, rock climbing or backpacking
  • Pray
  • Set your alarm twice a day to drop into a listening meditation
  • Build a koi pond and listen to the water and watch the fish swim
  • Take an epsom salt lavender bath
  • Read a book in the bath
  • Do belly breathing at the end of your day
  • Go outside and thank a bird or a tree for their beauty and vitality
  • Wake up 30 minutes early to plan out and visualize a great day
  • Listen to the Calm app before bedtime
  • Sit and practice deep breathing for two minutes to create calm energy
  • Drink green tea while reading a book first thing in the morning
  • Jog or run in the park
  • Breathe deep and focus on the things you are grateful for in your life
  • Go for a hike in the mountains
  • Go for a swim
  • Take a shower with essential oils
  • Meditate in the steam room
  • Listen to audios that remind you that you’re a physical/emotional/mental/spiritual being
  • Listen to your fave music and sing out loud
  • Treat yourself to lunch out
  • Cook an amazing meal
  • Get up from your desk every hour and do jump ropes
  • Take an afternoon siesta
  • Meditate in nature

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