In this crazy world where we compile list after list of things to do, every single day, wouldn’t it be great to try something different?
Just for today, forget the old To-Do List packed with all its anxiety-inducing stuff that makes you want to turn to the Vodka at 9am and pull all your hair out like:

  • Call to get new car insurance that’ll take at least three hours of time I don’t have
  • Do taxes… another year, another tax return.. yay!
  • Pay off credit card after spending a fortune at therapist to discuss financial issues
  • Get to post office by EOD to mail birthday card to 101-year-old great aunt with deteriorating eyesight
  • Return shoes to Zappos that look absolutely nothing like they did online
  • Buy new vacuum cleaner so I don’t have to sweep every single day
  • Get new dish washing liquid that doesn’t smell like toilet cleaner
  • Pay PG&E so I’m not left blogging by candle light
  • Etc, etc, etcetera… the modern-day To-Do List is endless…………..

So, just for today, how about reframing this list, and instead creating a super simple, clean, refreshing To-Be List that makes you smile when you look at it?
A list that makes you feel at ease and calm like you’re lying in a zen garden and being oiled head to toe with lavender essence while the sun kisses your face and the wind tickles your feet.
Some ideas for your To-Be List….
Think things that you do just because they feel good in the moment and are good for your soul not because they get you to any particular point or achieve any set goal:

  • Sit outside in the sun for ten minutes… just ‘cos it feels gooooood
  • Close your eyes and just breathe…. especially after looking at your To-Do list
  • Go outside and pick flowers when you’re supposed to be calling your insurance
  • Do downward dog yoga pose instead of adding another item to your To-Do list
  • Make a cup of tea and drink it while doing nothing else
  • Take a candlelit bath… instead of shopping online before bed
  • Put your feet up at your desk and daydream guilt-free
  • Fantasize about your desires instead of worrying about your to-dos!
  • Cuddle with someone you love ‘cos it feels soooo good
  • Dance to your favorite music on full blast ‘cos it sure beats doing your taxes

Start now. Create your To-Be List with 3 things that can help you to just BE today and every day!
Let us know how this works for you…