Are you ready to manifest the life of your dreams? There’s no better time to start working towards your goals than now. From creating a thriving health coaching business to cultivating long-lasting relationships or the ideal home environment, you can use manifestation methods to thoughtfully construct a life that you desire.

What is Manifestation?

Manifestation is a fancy way to describe the process of identifying your goals and applying focus, attention and faith to make them happen. Manifestation calls upon the Law of Attraction, the philosophy that what you believe is what will come to pass. If you generate positive thoughts then you will attract positive occurrences, according to the Law of Attraction. These beliefs are not fixed, so you can take action to shift them and totally transform your life at any time. 

How to Manifest

There are many techniques that can help you manifest what you desire. However, before setting out to do so, it’s important that you define your goals with specificity. Imagine the difference between walking into your boss’s office to request “a raise that will bring you happiness” and walking in to ask for $20,000. A tangible financial request is much more likely to be answered and the same goes for manifestation. Before starting the below manifestation methods, spend some time reflecting on exactly what you want to achieve. The more defined, the better. Once you are able to write down specific and manageable goals, you are ready to start manifesting.

11 Health Coach-Approved Manifestation Techniques That Work

  1. Ask For What You Want

Once you can define exactly what you would like to achieve, you can send your ask out to the universe. You can either shout your desires into the air, write your objective in a journal or meditate on your desired outcome. Remember: be specific! 

  1. Believe in Yourself

Once you send your ask out into the universe, you must believe with every cell in your body that it will come true. Psychologists have understood for a long time that what you believe about your future success can affect the outcomes of your life. You can work to strengthen your belief in yourself through affirmations, journaling and visualization (read on!).

  1. Find Your “Why”

The more meaningful your goals are to you, the more likely you will be to stick it out through challenges to achieve them. Try thinking about your core values and understanding why it is you want what you want. For instance, if one of your core values is family and your goal is to make $5,000 more each month, you can increase the likelihood of success by connecting your financial goals to creating a nurturing home environment for your loved ones.

  1. Visualize Your Success 

Visualization is a common practice amongst elite athletes and research has demonstrated that creating a mental image of future achievements can be effective. Set aside a time each day to close your eyes and picture yourself achieving your goals. Focus on every small detail, from what you see and feel to what you smell and hear. Visualization shouldn’t be a daunting task– as long as you’re doing it on a regular basis, you can commit to just five to 10 minutes a day.

  1. Act Like the Person of Your Dreams

It’s not enough to just dream about your success, you must also start living as that person. Research suggests that how you present yourself and move your body can impact how you behave. Once you have your goals defined, start dressing, standing and moving like the person who has already realized their objective.

  1. Change Your Mind — Subconsciously

You might consciously  desire a life that dreams are made of, but if your subconscious mind keeps you from really believing in yourself, then manifestation won’t work. You can use meditation and sound techniques to hack through the limiting beliefs that are holding you back. There are many free tools available online to help shift your subconscious beliefs, including worksheets, podcasts and guided meditations.

  1. Establish a Gratitude Practice

Expressing gratitude when you receive things that are on the path to your goals is part of the Law of Attraction.Think about this scenario in real life: If a parent gives you a book for your birthday and you respond, “WOW, I love books thank you so much,” they are likely to continue giving you books in the future. Saying thank you for what you receive sets you up to receive more. Fun fact: Many successful people, including Oprah Winfrey, at least partially credit their achievements to a gratitude practice.  

  1. Write Out Your Desires

Once you know what you want to ask for, there are many systems of repetitious writing that can help you manifest your objectives. From the 55×5 method, where you write out your desire 55 times a day for five days in a row, to the TikTok famous 369 method, which could include writing down your desire three times in the morning, six times in the afternoon and nine times in the evening, the repetition of expressing what you want to achieve can embed these desires into your subconscious and help make them come true. 

  1. Surround Yourself with the Right People

We are undoubtedly affected by the people who surround us. During your success visualization, picture who will be surrounding you as you achieve your dreams. Spending time with people who have achieved similar success or who offer you support can help you realize your dreams faster. Take stock of who you share your time with and make sure they’re on board with your vision.

  1. Practice Daily Affirmations

Similarly to writing out your manifestation, speaking what you want to achieve can also help you get there. Researchers suggest that affirmations can make the difference between powerlessness and power. Choose an affirmation that supports your goals, and repeat it several times daily. For instance, if you wish to manifest a thriving health coaching business, take a few moments to power pose in the mirror every morning and attest: “I AM a successful health coach.”

  1. Tell Your Success Story

Humans are storytelling creatures. You can use this creative power to make your dreams come true. One way to manifest your objectives is to write out your imagined path to success as if it has already happened. Don’t leave out any details in the heroic story of your achievement.

Manifesting the life you desire isn’t just about asking the universe for things that you want. Manifestation is about clearly defining your goals, believing in yourself, reinforcing those beliefs, taking action, and persisting through challenges along the way. With these proven techniques, you can manifest the life you visualize in 2022.

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