When you sign up to work with a Health Coach to help you transform your health you are agreeing to being vulnerable and being seen for your weaknesses and strengths. Not an easy thing to sign up for. But when the fit is right and there is rapport and trust established from the get-go, miracles can happen.

HCI Success Coach, Jamie Gantt, was just starting off as a coach when HCI Social Media Specialist, Coline Duncan, approached her to work with her and became her first client. Coline had been dealing with the struggles of Alopecia—an auto-immune disease in which the body’s immune system attacks its own hair follicles, causing total hair loss.

It’s now been a year and a half since Coline went through Jamie’s 90-Day Program and she says that she owes her newfound health and self-love to her deep change work with Jamie. Coline is now a strong advocate for not hiding out in the face of difficult health issues but rather embracing them as valuable teachers.

Coline is also feeling healthier than ever before, more energized, has moved to a city she loves, is owning being a #BaldBeauty and feels she owes her transformation to coaching.

Below is a love letter Coline posted to Jamie to thank her for the work they did together:

Coline: “Jamie started coaching me right before I shaved off what was left of my hair. She helped me come to terms with something that I had avoided for a long time. I didn’t love myself and I needed to change that before anything else would. Thank you Jamie, to this day you are helping me reform my life. Kissy-kiss.”

Jamie: “I got misty eyed hearing this …to see her so fully embrace this part of who she is, and all of who she is really. And when I think back on those first sessions and the tings we worked through, I can’t even describe the overwhelming joy and excitement and inspiration—an amazing thing to read and witness. Even 90 days was enough to have such a lasting impact. It’s amazing to see it’s such a big part of where she’s going and who she’s being.”

Coline shares words of wisdom from her journey to health with Jamie:

“The appreciation I have for myself and the fact I am willing and want to listen to my body, make the experiments that I’ve done worth it. If I was never diagnosed with Alopecia I would never have taken the time to listen to what my body was telling me for years.”

Jamie’s words of wisdom from her coaching journey with Coline:

“It’s validating to see where Coline is at now. After working with her as my very first client, I am constantly reminded just how powerful this work is that we do as coaches. And the fact that she was the first person I ever worked with and knowing where we started and being able to witness where she is now, just reinforces for me so powerfully the importance of coaching.”

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