I love my breakfast! Every morning without fail, Hot Lemon Water, Juice Plus (@wholefoods ), and Clarity (wild honey, phytoplankton, mushroom blend) =energy pop! My morning routine starts me in the right direction with the energy I need throughout the day, and then to fall asleep easily at night! And for breakfast buckwheat cereal with hulled hemp seeds(great protein source) walnuts, pumpkin seeds, coconut flakes, coconut milk and cherries sauteed in coconut oil. #DayInTheHCILife #sparkthechange

I’m lucky to have my trainer. The accountability is so important for me. These workouts leave me feeling like a million bucks. If I look scared in the photo it’s because I know he’s going to make me do something crazy next with those orange cones. He knows how to stretch me out of my comfort zone just enough. ? #DayInTheHCILife #sparkthechange

Post workout protein shake! I made this little smoothie station so it’s always easy to whip up some instant nutrition. Come over and take a look at what’s on the menu! #DayInTheHCILife #sparkthechange

Ok it’s time to get to work! Calling my first client…I get chills every time. Can’t believe I get to witness people’s lives changing. I have two clients sessions today and a lot of writing…I love my super desk, made this when I decided to become a coach. It allows me the space to put on a different mask if I want to rock out with my guitars and make a lot of noise ??#DayInTheHCILife #sparkthechange .

I used to love coffee, but I was doing all the work in the relationship and not being rewarded with reciprocal love…I drink Macaccinos now. Great midday energy and vitality beverage for me. So many nutrients and tastes awesome. This is a great packaged blend but you can make your own too. I highly encourage you at least try it!  #DayInTheHCILife#sparkthechange

I’m making some new videos for my site and YouTube! This is the part I was least excited about, that I’m now starting to love, what?! I’m thinking of going with the grey shirt as my “internet uniform.” #DayInTheHCILife #sparkthechange

Ahhh, a great way to end the day, whipped up this little number for a few friends we hosted for dinner. The wine is not photo’d, camera shy ;). I can’t wait to go to sleep, wake up, and do it all over again!!! #DayInTheHCILife #sparkthechange

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