HCI Co-Founders, Stacey Morgenstern and Carey Peters recently returned from another smashing deep dive retreat for students called Dare To Be Seen & Heard. For anyone who wanted to be there but couldn’t or plans to be at the next tribe gathering asap, this post is for you.

As Health Coaches, our greatest gift is to hold our clients’ vision for themselves as their truest, bravest selves as already happening. This means that whatever it is they wish to accomplish, we are already holding it for them as true. We are seeing their future selves before they have even embraced it. This is the superpower of coaching!
But for us to be able to do that, our clients need to have a dream, a goal, a vision, a seed, a hope of stepping into their greater selves. So we’re giving this post a lot of white space to let it breathe as you feel into the truth of these questions? (You’ll notice they all lead to the same answer but feel into which one most resonates with you and go with that one!)
For example, on a Facebook Live conversation between Stacey and Carey, Stacey asked Carey how she wants to be experienced in her home life or off-stage life and Carey said:

“I want to be experienced as a badass.”

“It’s a great reminder to myself that I have accomplished a few things career-wise…That I have a level of mastery and expertise in those areas even if being a mom and having a family feels out of my depth. What I want is to walk into a room and have people go, ‘Yeah, she’s a badass,’ instead of walking into a room with peanut butter stained yoga pants!”
Students responded with their own desires and here are a few that we captured
I want to be respected for my true silly self…
I want to be experienced authentically…
I want to be experienced as a powerhouse…
I want to be taken seriously as an equal…
Now it’s your turn. If you were to walk into a room full of people who are witnessing the new you, who is the new you? Who do you dare to be? How do you want to be experienced? Do you dare to be seen & heard?
May each of us become our truest, bravest selves!
Please add to this conversation by leaving your own “I want to be experienced as…. ” answer in the comments below!
Thank you! We simply can’t wait to hear from you on this one!!!

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