The path to becoming a health coach always begins with the right education.

Considering the appeal of the profession that includes sustainable compensation, wide-ranging employment opportunities, and personal growth, it is only a matter of time that the job will become exceedingly competitive. Hence, any advantage should not be taken for granted.

However, those who are still contemplating whether they should pursue a career in health coaching or not tend to avail free health coach training programs.
While this deal seems promising, if you are serious and fully committed to establishing a long-term career as a health coach, you may have to reconsider your training choices.

Functions of a Health Coach

Health coaching is an in-demand profession that primarily assists clients in changing habits and lifestyle choices that proved to be damaging to their health.
Concepts and principles of good health along with fitting individualized strategies are always taken into consideration.

Health coaches aid clients in discovering the root causes of their health problems along with factors that hinder them to consistently choose healthy alternatives and create a workable action plan to effectively address the issue.

Some of the problems that health coaches work on with their respective clients include:

  •          Weight management
  •          Shifting to healthy lifestyle habits and dietary choices
  •          Stress management
  •          Managing a particular health condition

Health coaches are employed in facilities and institutions that have health and wellness programs such as community clinics, schools, universities, wellness centers, and private companies.

How to Become a Health Coach?

Becoming a health coach follows a similar path to any other established professions.

Step 1: Complete a health coach training program
Step 2: Acquire certification
Step 3: Gain substantial experience

Another direction you can take as a professional health coach is launching a coaching business if you have built a reputable name for yourself.

Step 1: Complete a health coach training program

One of the most important first steps in a health coaching career is acquiring all the knowledge and skills essential to becoming successful in the field.
Fortunately, education and training programs for health coaches are available and provided by accredited companies.

While some training programs on health coaching are offered free, there is a significant difference between the paid and unpaid training in many aspects which will be discussed shortly.

Step 2. Acquire certification

A certified health coach is always preferred over its uncertified counterpart.
You may obtain certification upon completing the health coach training program through an accredited company or institution.
Naturally, the type of certification depends on the course or program you have undertaken.

Step 3. Gain substantial experience

Despite the fact that the industry offers a myriad of opportunities for aspiring health coaches, work experience can easily be attained through direct guidance from program instructors and other pioneering health coaches.

It means that building the right network can help you in launching your career.

The Pros and Cons of a Free Coach Training Program

Free health coach training programs are particularly fitting to those who are in the initial stage of considering a career as a health coach.
It could be a fair introduction to the basics of the health coaching industry.

Just like any other courses that are offered without a price, a free health coach training program has its own set of pros and cons.

A. What You Can Gain

Evidently, the primary appeal of a free health coaching training program is the mere fact that you don’t have to financially invest in paid training to attain the information you need towards developing your career.

As great as this may sound, there are some disadvantages that you have to reconsider before completely availing of a free health coach training program.

B. What You are Missing

Right now, you may think that a free health coaching training program is good enough for you to establish a career as a health coach. But make no mistake about it, you may be missing out on elements that could be essential in building a successful career in the field.

Comprehensive and Updated Curriculum

Chances are that a free training program would only cover the basics of health coaching as opposed to providing advanced and updated techniques and strategies which is most likely included in paid training. Furthermore, the curriculum of most free training programs is designed primarily for understanding theoretical aspects of the job which often misses skills development and practical application.


Companies or institutions that commonly provide paid health coaching training have undergone professional evaluation and/or third-party accreditation. The reputation of the program along with the competence of the instructors, health coach professionals, and curriculum designers is an important edge for those who wish to establish a clear-cut path to becoming a health coach. 


Being able to learn and connect with other professional health coaches is vital especially if you are a neophyte in the field. As free training programs typically focus on the knowledge aspect of the training, opportunities to create rapport or integrate into a community or network of health coaches are often limited. On the other hand, with paid training, mentorship and online community integration is a common inclusion.

Business and Marketing Strategies

Free health coaching training programs often do not include business and marketing strategies that will help you find potential clients, build your business, and employ effective marketing strategies. Schools or institutions including Health Coach Institute ensures that the programs they offer cover all potential income streams of a health coach including the establishment of a successful coaching business. Furthermore, the training is commonly

Affordable Health Coach Training Options

If you are serious about becoming a health coach it is essential that you equip yourself not only with the theoretical knowledge about the field but the practical side.
However, you might be thinking that this track requires a lot of money. The good news is this may not be the case. Some accredited institutions offer financing options that fit your budget.  
Learn more about these options and how to become a successful health coach with Health Coach Institute. 


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