As a Health Coach, your mission is to help people transform their lives! And like many Health Coaches, you might feel drawn to focusing on helping your clients improve a particular aspect of their lives. Many coaches choose to specialize in one area such as weight loss or diabetes, but you don’t have to.

Instead, you can champion big picture coaching–considering the whole person and creating an integrative approach to help people improve their physical, psychological, and spiritual well-being. In that case, you won’t find a more satisfying career option than becoming a holistic Health Coach!

How To Become A Holistic Health Coach

If you’re excited about your decision to become a holistic Health Coach, now is the time to prepare yourself by gaining the knowledge and skills you’ll need to help people make positive, sustainable changes in their lives.

First, do some homework.

Look for an educational program that will train you to become a holistic Health Coach. Some universities and colleges offer training programs, and you can also find a number of online programs for holistic Health Coaches. Pick one that works for your budget and your schedule.

Talk to Active Health Coaches

While you’re preparing to become a Health Coach, talk to some people who are already working as Health Coaches. Ask them for advice about following this career path. You might even find a mentor in the process. Some people also choose to get some extra training (such as nutrition or counseling) to help them further develop an integrative approach to helping their clients or so they can offer additional services.

Then you can start to identify the types of coaching jobs that appeal most to you. Once you know what sounds good to you, you can either begin the job search or launch your own practice!

Holistic Health Coach Online Programs

When considering your options, don’t forget to consider the time commitment required to become a Health Coach. To give yourself maximum flexibility, consider an online program that will prepare you to become a holistic Health Coach. Most online programs give you the chance to work at your own pace. You can go to school while also maintaining a healthy balance in the rest of your life.

HCI offers a 6-Month Health Coach Certification Program

Health Coach Institute’s Become a Health Coach program offers a 6-month professional certification training opportunity that might be right up your alley.

During the 6- month window, you’ll cover important information in four areas:

  • Nutrition,
  • Health & Wellness,
  • Habit Change Coaching,
  • Life Coaching,
  • and Proven Marketing & Simple Business Systems.

You complete the modules for each of these subject areas when it’s convenient for you. Better yet, we offer our curriculum in three different formats, so you can choose the one that works best for you: video, MP3, and PDF.

Whichever program you choose, be sure to select one that’s accredited by a well-regarded organization like the International Coach Federation (ICF) or the National Board for Health & Wellness Coaching (NBHWC). That will instill confidence in your future clients or potential employers that you’re well prepared for this job!

What Are Holistic Health Coach Jobs?

Once you finish your education, it’s time to find a job. Ask yourself these questions:

  1. Where do I see myself working as a Holistic Health Coach?
  2. What kind of hours do I want to work? Do I want to work part time or full time?
  3. Do I want to launch a solo practice and work with my patients in person, over the phone, or via online?
  4. Would I prefer to seek out a Health Coaching job with a company, a healthcare institution, or a school?

Some people love the self-employed life, while others relish the chance to work in a team environment.

If you’re the latter, consider looking for holistic Health Coaching jobs in:

  • community centers
  • doctors’ offices
  • spas
  • fitness centers
  • weight loss centers
  • rehabilitation centers
  • schools and universities
  • and corporate offices

You might feel called to develop and supervise employee wellness programs or similar programs for students.

Be a Health Coach AND Have a Side Gig to Your Full Time Job

Consider this, too: some holistic Health Coaches maintain a traditional practice and a side hustle. You could work with clients one-on-one and also write a blog, work on a book, speak at corporate meetings or retreats, organize seminars on healthy lifestyle choices, work with local community organizations to develop wellness programs, or consult with local businesses.

What Is a Holistic Health Coach Salary?

Of course, you want to love your career as a holistic Health Coach–and you will! But you have to keep an eye on the bottom line, too. No worries! You can earn a very nice salary as a holistic Health Coach. The average annual salary for a Health Coach is about $45,000, according to PayScale. But your annual salary could range between about $34,000 and $69,000, depending on factors such as where you live and how many hours you work.

Ways to Boost Your Health Coach Salary

And like many Health Coaches, you can boost that salary if you choose to. Remember that side hustle we mentioned above? You might supplement your regular income by writing for a website or newsletter, taking on speaking engagements at corporate meetings or retreats, consult for a local business or any other number of opportunities!

How Long Will It Take To Become A Holistic Health Coach?

Wondering how long it will take for you to become a holistic Health Coach? It all depends on you and the education program that you select. HCI’s Become a Health Coach program is designed to last six months. Other programs may be shorter–or longer. When you are researching programs, be sure to find out the estimated time of completion. How long it takes to become a holistic Health Coach ultimately will depend on how much time you have to give to your educational program.

Join a Growing Industry and Become a Health Coach with HCI

The demand for empathetic, well-prepared Health Coaches is forecasted to experience strong growth in the next few years. Be ready to take advantage of this amazing opportunity to transform lives. To learn more about Health Coach Institute’s education program for Health Coaches or feel free to get in touch with with one of our clarity coaches directly, by calling 1-800-303-2399


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