Pregnancy is magical. But it can also be scary and full of uncertainty. For first-time mothers, it can be so hard to know what will come next, and any mother with more than one child can tell you that no two pregnancies are the same. Even though there have been many books written about pregnancy, Lamaze classes, and well-intended advice from family and friends, expectant mothers can benefit from the help and support of a pregnancy coach. 

If you are interested in a career in healthcare, pregnancy health coaching can be a wonderful way to make a huge difference in the lives of others.

What is pregnancy health coaching?

As the name implies, pregnancy health coaching is a form of wellness coaching specifically designed to guide and support expectant mothers before and after delivery. As explains:

“A pregnancy coach – also referred to as a pregnancy mentor, a pregnancy doula, a pregnancy wellness coach, or a pregnancy health coach – is a trained and/or certified professional who has experience and education in a variety of subjects pertaining to pregnancy and childbirth.”

As you can see, there is a range of ways that a pregnancy coach can benefit mothers, and there are several pregnancy coaching pathways a health coach may pursue.

There are many reasons for a family to hire a pregnancy health coach. Among them, says, are that a pregnancy coach can help a mother to:

  • Have a healthier pregnancy
  • Find more comfort in pregnancy
  • Be better prepared for birth
  • Be better prepared for early parenthood
  • Save money on unnecessary pregnancy and baby gear purchases
  • Know how to forge a closer bond with their child during pregnancy and after birth
  • Reduce stress
  • Receiving evidence-based resources to make the best decisions in pregnancy and childbirth

With so many benefits to clients, working as a pregnancy health coach can be a particularly rewarding career pathway!

Different types of pregnancy coaches

Like other forms of health and wellness coaching, a pregnancy coach can specialize in areas of particular interest to them. says that pregnancy health coaches may be:

  • Pregnancy nutrition coaches
  • Pregnancy wellness coaches
  • Prenatal fitness coaches
  • Childbirth preparation coaches
  • Emotional support coaches
  • Prenatal health coaches
  • Breastfeeding coaches
  • Parenting coaches
  • Postpartum health coaches
  • Infant and child gear coaches

The site goes on to explain that “the types and costs of services offered by a pregnancy coach vary,” so one person may be able to offer an array of services to their clients or even packages of services that can be customized.

All of this adds up to a pretty rewarding career move for you, as you can truly find the niche you love most! 

What services does a pregnancy coach provide?

Regardless of specialization, says, mothers who hire a pregnancy coach will generally receive services that include:

  • Guidance early in pregnancy (or in pre-pregnancy) on choosing a care provider (doctor, OB, midwife)
  • Tips on or an individualized plan for pregnancy nutrition
  • Counseling on and options for prenatal exercise
  • Help and support with processing fears, trauma, or other emotional distress surrounding pregnancy, birth, and parenting
  • Addressing common pregnancy discomforts, like nausea, sleep issues, and body soreness

Motherly adds, “the goal of pregnancy coaching is to simplify the overwhelming amount of information, emotions, and life changes being thrown at you in such a short amount of time.”

Is there a pregnancy coach certification?

With so many specializations within pregnancy health coaching, the subject of certification is a bit complex. Some specializations require more specific training than others (nutrition or prenatal fitness, for example). One of the hallmarks of pregnancy health coaching is experience and mastery, so many pregnancy coaches get started with a health coach certification, a life coach certification, or both. Next, they begin to gather experience and expertise before deciding on further training, like a coaching mastery program, or a specific subject matter specialization like nutrition coaching

If you are already working as a wellness coach, a move into pregnancy coaching may seem daunting, but you may find it a more natural transition than you think. You already have many of the key skills that you’ll need.

Become a Health Coach and Help others During Pregnancy!

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