Hey y’all! We want to clear up a little misconception floating around out there that Health Coaching is a women’s career only because it’s not. Some of Health Coaching’s strongest advocates that we know of are men.

So we thought we’d assemble some awesome Health Coach men and have a little chat with them about why they chose Health Coaching, what they love about it, and how they feel being men in a woman dominated (but not for long) world.

We hope this post will give you a strong sense of what is being felt in the hearts and minds of our Health Coach men and that it inspires future male Health Coaches to follow their passion and their calling.

So dudes, this post is dedicated to you and your future coaching brothers. ?

Here are six men’s answers to our questions about why they chose to become Health Coaches… in their own words:


Health and Sleep Coach, Los Angeles, CA

We asked Derek to describe his Health Coaching journey and this is what he said:

It’s hard to describe the incredible feeling that comes over you when you are surrounded by inspired people that are looking to grow personally, and have a shared vision of how the world could look if we all just continued with our mission.
One of the biggest breakthroughs I’ve had is that it’s not about me, it’s about the people that need my help. Be prepared to show up and be inspired by people and when you don’t even realize it, inspire others too, just by being your authentic self.



Health and Diabetes Lifestyle Management Coach, Fairfax, VA

found an untapped niche in Health Coaching that he is loving:

My soul was telling me to open a practice in diabetes Lifestyle Management Coaching and with the help of Health Coach Institute’s training, I’m seeing a HUGE need that needs to be filled.


Health and Life Clarity Coach, Santa Monica, CA

Rasul has been kicking ass as a Health and Life Coach for years and we’re just crazy about his incredible energy and love for coaching:

Okay, this is freaking awesome. HCI…you simply thought of everything! I have so many courses I’ve taken, online info, books, audiobooks, ebooks and podcast and let me tell you, you end up swimming in a tsunami of information. Then there’s exactly what HCI offers about what to share with your client and what not to share. If anyone ever needs perspective on how amazingly practical and curated you make this for us, send them to me!


Health Coach

Tony transformed his health and weight loss struggles into a meaningful Health Coaching career:

I was diagnosed about 13 years ago as being pre-diabetic and taking med after med until July 2015 when I decided to change my whole lifestyle. I went on a whole foods, plant-based diet, lost 70 pounds and got off most of my meds. I had more energy, felt fantastic and really wanted to share that with other people and that is what led me to Health Coach Institute—so that I could help others get the same feeling.

I went from being tired, self conscious, not motivated, out of shape, and having no energy before I signed up for the Become a Health Coach (BHC) program. After BHC I had self confidence, more energy, was more motivated to stay healthy and was not as self-conscious. If I had to go through it all over again, I would pick this program again.


Health and Lifestyle Coach, Edmonton, Canada

We asked Greg T. why he chose our program above the rest and what he got out of it:

I used to work 10 to 12 hour days in big oil industrial tech but I was burnt out, worn down, battling addiction and missing my family. I’ve always been interested in personal growth and looked for ways to grow and become more efficient. Also, a few things happened at the time—my dad got cancer and I saw what that did to him and his lifestyle, I sought out sobriety and I got laid off.

I had personally benefited from being coached so I looked into it as an opportunity. I looked at Life and Executive Coaching but Health Coaching seemed right. I wanted to be a leader and break the family cycle of depressions, sickness and addiction.

The Become a Health Coach program attracted me. I’m an analytical guy so I looked at every detail of the program and it had all the pieces that I needed (a guy with no background in any of this). Plus, I was excited by the idea of doing it all in six months and getting what I needed to hit the ground running. If I got nothing but the personal impact out of it, it would still be worth it!


Health Coach, Santa Monica, CA

Greg L. is a self-confessed health junkie and says he is blown away by the power of Health Coaching:

I’m a leukemia and cancer survivor from age 11 and it opened my eyes up to living a healthier life because if you don’t have health what can you do? Being an athlete myself and competing, if you’re not tuned up and on point somebody else will take your spot.
One day it came to me in the shower—you need to be a health coach—so I researched the term and Health Coach Institute
popped up and I signed up for the Become a Health Coach program.

Learning HOW to eat gave me a new perspective, even for a health junkie like myself and incredible physical results. I lost weight, felt a huge level of confidence on how to maintain the physique I have and I’m in total control without deprivation.

I feel so good about myself and I want to help people’s lives be joyful and fruitful. Health Coach Institute is for sure somewhere to put the wind behind those sails.


Health Coach, UK

Matt took the risk to do what he loves and feels great about being a male Health Coach in a predominantly women’s industry:

I was brought up around sports like football, swimming, tennis, golf and was always in good shape and active but nutrition and food was not a focus, I ate whatever. When I moved out of my family home I got into a more food-based side of things and it lead me to thinking more about my life and wanting to help others who were struggling with health.

People would see me healthy and ask me what I eat and how to exercise, and wanted to know how they could do it. My work background is in economics, and the engineering industry, and I wanted to get out of it and pursue what I love.

The challenge was starting something new and being a male made me question whether I could do it because mostly females are Health Coaches. I feel more empowered to be a guy doing this because there’s less competition in a way. I can stand out more now. I see it as a positive instead of negative. It’s a reframe. Just as I went from lost, scattered and unfulfilled to clear, peaceful, happy, determined and empowered!

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Don’t forget to comment below and tell us, especially if you’re a guy, does Health Coaching appeal to you? How would the greatest version of you play out as a Health Coach? And if you’re a woman or identify as other than a man, what’s your opinion on men ‘breaking into’ the Health Coaching world? 


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