In 2017, the health coaching industry in the US was estimated to be approximately $6.14 billion dollars according to Marketdata. With about 109,000 health coaches in the country, it is expected that the industry will exponentially grow in value for the next decade.

Why Become a Health Coach?

Becoming a health coach has become a flourishing career direction and/or extension. This is particularly true especially for those who work in the healthcare industry. But the enticing earning potential and multiple opportunities for both professional and personal growth in health coaching have attracted even those who are working in other industries or niches.

Simply put, health coaching provided wide-open access to those who are passionate about helping others live their best life. The roadmap towards becoming a health coach is made available online through certified institutions that offer health coaching programs. Through the years, it has maintained the low barriers to entry and the guaranteed return of investment.   

Should I Become a Health Coach?

Given the incredible benefits of health coaching and the convenient process of training and acquiring a certification, you may still be wondering if you should become a health coach this year.

The plain answer is YES and here are three strong reasons why.

1. Coaches are in High Demand Due to Personalized Healthcare.

Decades of health trends that fade in and out made it crystal clear that there is no singular approach to health and wellness that fits everyone.

One health plan may work for Judy but not with Barbra.

This year, athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and recovering patients have recognized the importance of personalized care. Instead of adopting a cookie-cutter strategy to improve their lifestyle, they turn to health coaches to work with them every step of the way.

Prompting Behavioral Changes in Clients

Despite knowing exactly what they should do to improve their health (e.g. having a balanced diet, giving up vices, and reversing bad habits), the most difficult part of the process is developing the right attitude and altering behaviors that pull them back from their goals.

Having a health coach guide and support them towards behavioral changes allows them to be more accountable for their choices.
Health coaches utilize strategies that match the individual’s needs, medical history, health goals, mental and psychological issues, and other factors that influence their behavior and general wellness.

They get to know the client fully well, build a strong personal relationship, provide positive psychology, and lead them towards vital behavioral changes.     

2. There is an Increasing Trend in the Development of Chronic Diseases.

The National Center for Health Statistics estimates that 157 million Americans are directly affected by chronic diseases with 81 million suffering from multiple conditions. Based on the previous numbers, there is an annual pattern of increase in this data.

Chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, stroke, cancer have become rampant even among the younger populations. 

Research and medical experts have linked certain lifestyle choices to the development or recurrence of these illnesses. Thereby, to address this specific factor, patients seek or are advised to work with health coaches.

Examples of poor behaviors that increase the risks of developing chronic diseases include inactivity or sedentary lifestyle, habitual smoking and alcohol consumption, and not enough sleep.

Health Coaches Provide Their Clients the Motivation for Habit Change

While becoming fully aware that these behaviors can indeed influence or trigger chronic illnesses, that toughest part, in general, is successfully overturning bad habits into good ones.

This is where health coaches are employed. They go beyond the medical facilities and become involved in the actual life of the patients.

They are engaged in the patient’s schedule, the recommended nutritional plan from their nutritionist/physician, exercise programs, stress management, and other critical aspects of their health and wellness.

3. Clinicians Recognize the Need for Behavior Change During Healing and Recovery.

There was a time wherein the medical community was fully focused on the physiological and pathological factors of chronic diseases. That is no longer that case for the past few years especially this year where these diseases have continually risen.
The timing is right if you wish to pursue a career as a health coach this year since the doctor and other members of the medical community endorse the profession as a crucial branch of health and wellness management.

Medical Professionals Understand the Need of Health and Life Coaches 

Clinicians and other medical experts have strongly recognized how certain behaviors affect disease progression as well as the patient’s rate of healing and recovery.

While doctors can prescribe medications that will correct imbalances in the body and nurses provide the necessary care in the hospital, beyond the healthcare facility, patients are left on their own to decide on whether they maintain their poor lifestyle or undergo the needed change.

Theoretically, the right decision is evident. Let go of the damaging behaviors and pick up new ones that can improve your health. But this is easier said than done.

Health Coaches are Trained to Facilitate Habit Change in Clients More-so than are Most Doctors

Letting go of a particular habit that has become part of the patient’s comfort zone can be a painful experience.

Most doctors lack the training in the behavioral science that could improve the patient’s health status. For this reason, they rely on health coaches as they form a partnership with them towards the betterment of the patient.

The Bottom Line is the Health Coaching Industry is Growing

Frankly speaking, the best time for you to become a health coach was a year ago or further back. The second-best time is this year.

Becoming a health coach is not simply a career trend that revolutionizes the health and wellness industry in terms of income opportunities. It holds a professional value recognized by the medical community. As a health coach, you are an ally of your client and you can make a huge difference in their life while all the while making a significant difference in yours.

Health coaches experience a new level of fulfilment in their lives. They get to impart guidance and tailor-fitted approaches to their clients and apply the same principles in their own being. Don’t miss out on the multiple benefits of becoming a health coach. Start your journey today.

How You Can Become a Health Coach

To become a health coach, secure the right education that contains a curriculum encompassing the basic knowledge about health coaching such as cutting-edge psychology, brain science, nutrition and wellness, and more. Look for an institution that offers training on critical skills such as transformational coaching, designing a healthy lifestyle plan, etc.

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