It’s not easy to stay on track with your health, especially when life serves up curveballs that are tough to navigate. (Pandemic anyone??) If we haven’t met yet, I’m Carey Peters—co-founder at Health Coach Institute and a 15-year professional health coach.

I’m extremely passionate about health and wellness and having coached thousands of people from all walks of life, I’ve found 6 common threads that can help you stay on track health-wise, even when things go awry. 

Keeping Your Health and Wellness on Track

1. Create your vision and be flexible with your timeline

While it’s important to create a vision of what  you want for your health and wellness, things don’t always go according to plan. The trick is to hold to your vision and be willing to be flexible when progress takes longer than you’d like. Don’t be too hard on yourself, and give yourself grace if you don’t meet your goals on the exact timeline you desire.

2. Clarify Your Reason “why” You are Health Conscious

Remembering the reason why you’re focusing on your health in the first place will keep you on track when you hit speed bumps. Writing your why down and being as specific as possible as to why you want a specific goal is crucial to hitting your goals.

3. “Choose 3” Habits to Change – Don’t Overwhelm Yourself by Doing Too Much

During the pandemic, I was juggling a full time job, parenting, homeschooling, and more. I couldn’t do everything I wanted for my health, so I decided to choose 3 habits that would make the biggest difference and to commit 100% to those. Small habits done consistently over time can create huge change. Examples include: working out for 30 minutes a day, drinking 132oz. in water a day, and 10-minute daily meditation.

4. Set up your Environment for Success

How might you set up your home and your relationships to support your health goals? For example, my husband and I worked out a schedule so each of us has time for exercise during the week. He fills up bottles of water for the fridge so I can track my water intake and we order prepared meals during the week so we can eat healthy.

5. Replace “All or Nothing” Thinking with “Something is Better than Nothing” Thinking

One of the biggest impediments to making progress with your health is believing that you either have to do all the healthy things perfectly, or you’ll do none of the healthy things at all. Eating one healthy meal or taking one walk or sitting for one 5 minute meditation is better than doing nothing. Trying to do it all “perfectly” is a sure-fire way to set yourself up to fail. 

6. Set up Accountability for your Health Results: Utilize Coaching Support

The more accountability you have, the better results you’ll get. According to Harvard Health, studies show that clients who regularly work with a health coach can help create “clinically relevant improvements”, which is a fancy way of saying that health coaching can help get results that are hard to get on your own.

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