If your life looks like a crazy mess of yellow sticky notes with your day’s to-dos strewn across your desk, and your phone beeping off the hook with constant reminders of meetings, appointments and deadlines and you’re so busy you practically need to schedule sexy-time with your mate, somethin’ is a little off, wouldn’t you say?

Enter The Health Coach.
Think Mary Poppins meets Tony Robbins.

Think boot camp meets reiki.

Think Oprah meets her match.

Mary for kindness and human compassion. Tony for tough love and real results. Boot camp for stretch and butt kicking. Reiki for support and healing energy. And Oprah for Oprah.
At HCI we train Health Coaches in the art and science of habit change because in today’s world, most people know what to do to make healthy choices but are either too busy, too lax or too scared to do it…on their own.

Most of us have so much going on that we run around in circles chasing our tails like mad dogs and sometimes we just need someone to grab us by the tail, sit us down and say, “Hey, I am here to help you get grounded, get clear, get organized and get real…with yourself!”

If you’re feeling shaken and all over the place like the silver tinsel glitter in those plastic dome toys that you shake to make it look like it’s snowing, then a Health Coach is that hand that stops the shaking, the hand that helps all…your…crazy…human…stuff…settle like soft snow on the ground.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh…Do you feel that?

Health Coaches
are your greatest allies. They are there for you to make your life happen in the way you want it to happen. Not in the way you think it “should” happen or your parents told you it needed to happen or society dictates that it happen.

So much of the way we ‘do’ our lives is based on outdated models of how our parents did theirs and their parents did theirs that much of our programming needs a refresh, an upgrade or a complete reinstall.

We are conditioned by our upbringing to behave in certain ways and oftentimes these ways are not in our best interests and don’t serve our highest good. Health Coaches are trained to help you identify what’s not working, intercept it and come up with a vision and a plan for what you do want instead.

This combination of vision + plan is what makes it work. Because with vision alone you’re destined for a long “vacay” in la-la land. And with a plan alone you’re all gung-ho action with no heart. A Health Coach helps you get clear on your vision and get going on a plan that aligns with your truest, most heartfelt vision of what you want for your health and your entire life.
Then, and only then, something’s happening even if not much is going on. Right Oprah?

Remember that although Health Coaches have superpowers, they are human after all and, like all humans, they come in all shapes, sizes, ages, genders, races, nationalities etc. So don’t judge a Health Coach by his/her/its cape, or lack, thereof. You just never know the power that lies within until you experience it for yourself.

Write to us! Tell us how your Health Coach has changed your life? Or if you yourself are a Health Coach, does this post resonate with you? What do your clients tell you about the effect you have on their lives?

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