In President Richard Nixon’s State of the Union address in 1970, he mentioned the need for reform in America’s health program, and said that doing so would “deeply enhance the quality” of American lives.

The same holds true now, almost 50 years later.

We don’t have all the answers to this problem, but there are three things we do know.

  1. The financial costs of health care as we know it are much too high.
  2. Health promotion and preventive health are affordable ways to ease many medical and financial burdens.
  3. The role of a Health Coach in helping to solve these problems is going to expand greatly in the coming years.

The Financial Costs of Health Care

The numbers don’t lie. In 2016, American health care costs were about $3.3 trillion (almost $9,900 per person). This amount equals almost 18% of the national GDP.

When thinking of solutions to lift this heavy financial burden, two are often presented—single payer health care and universal health care:

1- What Is Single Payer Health Care?

Also called “Medicare for all,” single payer health care is a system where delivery of care comes mostly from private providers, but is paid for by organized health care financing from a single public (or partly public) agency. Under this system, all residents would have their necessary medical costs covered.

2- How Much Would Universal Health Care Cost?

In short, the costs of universal health care would be staggering. Reports suggest that federal spending would increase by $32.6 trillion over a 10-year period and doubling taxes still wouldn’t pay for it.

There must be a better solution to the health care crisis, right?

Ultimately, Health Promotion and Preventive Medicine Is the Answer

Nutrition knowledge coupled with habit change will go a very long way in promoting good health overall and lowering reliance on costly (and often insufficient) insurance policies and medical bills.

However, the lessons and practices that make a huge impact on an individual’s wellness don’t cost much money at all. They include:

  • Losing weight
  • Gaining strength and energy
  • Balancing blood sugar
  • Resolving digestive issues
  • Overcoming emotional eating and cravings
  • Following a personalized diet and exercise plan
  • Taking care of emotional self

When all of these things come together, they work synergistically to create a whole, healthy being—one that requires far less intervention from substantially expensive medical care.

Why Coaching Is the Future of Health Care

Although figuring out how to solve the health care crisis in America doesn’t involve just one solution, Health Coaching is one significant factor in the equation.

Here’s further explanation on why coaching is part of the future of health care:

  • Health Coaching is revolutionizing health care by teaching and encouraging people to take a preventive approach to their health. By partnering together with their clients, coaches can help customize a plan that achieves healthy goals, provides much-needed support, and offers accountability. These are the ingredients critical to successful outcomes.
  • With the health care industry growing by 18% over the upcoming years, there is significant demand for Health Coaches. Physicians, alternative care practitioners, corporations, insurance agencies, and even gyms are looking to add coaches to their health care team. This is because they recognize the value Health Coaches can play in giving people the options and support they need to keep themselves free of sickness and disease.
  • Clients and patients themselves are realizing the value a Health Coach can have on their own journey to wellness. Being armed with the power to control their own healthy outcomes and reaping the much-anticipated results brings great personal reward.

While not the only solution needed to solve the health crisis, Health Coaches can make a significant impact on the lives of individuals all over the country. By teaching and guiding people through solving their own health issues and bringing them back to feeling great again, there will be a greatly reduced need for expensive medications and intrusive procedures.

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