When you think about how to go about attracting clients, what feels better: reaching out to your target market or reaching out to people you can best serve? Can you feel the difference?

Find Your Voice To Attract More Health Coaching Clients

Reaching out to your “target market” feels aggressive; it conjures up an image of shooting arrows at a bull’s-eye. It sounds like a missile is about to strike. Or like you’re planning to do your monthly shop at the ubiquitous mega department store.

Reaching out to “people you can best serve” has a very different energy. Its’ the energy of giving and receiving. It implies that you are offering something of value, with heart to real people, with real emotions, not just an abstract concept.

Words matter. And how you frame what you do can have an enormous impact on how successfully you attract clients. And how true to yourself you feel when you do so.

We all have our critter feelers warning us when we’re being blatantly sold to, right? When you get that email in your inbox that feels like someone’s “tried” to personalize it by addressing you by your first name, but really you’re just a number in a system and there’s nothing personal about it. We delete it right away. Straight to spam it goes.

The thing is you became a Health Coach, or are training to become a Health Coach, so that you can help people transform their lives. This is priceless. You are offering a service (your training, qualifications, expertise and coaching mastery) but you are also giving of your Self from your heart, your soul and your incredibly unique life experience.

At our HCI Live event recently, Rasul, a Health Coach who has been in our tribe for many years stood up at the mic and said, “Every day I wake up and I ask myself, ‘who’s life can I improve today? When I’m standing in line at Starbucks, I ask myself, who can I be of service to today?” He said this with so much heart and so much love that almost everyone in the audience started to cry.

What a beautiful way to phrase this—as a genuine request to be of service in the world rather than a smarmy, sales-y gimmick to win clients over. It has such different energy when you come from a place of wanting to help, which Health Coaches innately do.

Whether you choose to “do” Health Coaching within a health care system that has Health Coaches as an adjunct service or prefer to go solo as a holistic Health Coach entrepreneur, potentially partnering with other health care professionals (a great way to get referrals,) you’re going to need to “sell yourself”. Let’s reframe that: You’re going to want to share the value of your work with others.

So if common sales jargon makes you want to throw up your healthy breakfast, here are a few language reframes to help you feel more aligned with who you really are:

  • Think of marketing simply as spreading the word about the great work you do.
  • Think of target market as the amazing people you can best serve who truly need what you have to offer.
  • Think of clients as people who are waiting to value you for who you are.
  • Think of the money clients pay you to serve them as a powerful energy exchange that allows you to live your best life so you can help others live theirs.

And remember, whatever you do, do it with heart. Always with heart.

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