With so much to offer in terms of flexibility, cost, and convenience, it’s no wonder online learning continues to grow so rapidly. So how do you know if an online Health Coach school is right for you? Let’s start with some basic information about online Health Coach schools that may make your decision easier.

Some of the Best Health Coach Schools Are Online

It may be hard to believe, but Health Coaching is a relatively new area of study. As a result, there are very few brick-and-mortar options available. Online schools, on the other hand, have been quicker to respond to this trend, and several have emerged as leaders in the space offering excellent, affordable training programs. If you’re interested in studying to become a Health Coach online, here are some compelling advantages to consider.

Unique Advantages of Online Health Coach Schools

For many of us, traditional classrooms are what we know best and what we’re used to. Some people prefer the idea of learning among peers in a physical classroom. But for those of us who need a training program that offers greater flexibility, online Health Coach schools can make the difference between realizing a dream and wondering “What if?” Let’s talk about some of the biggest advantages online programs have to offer…

More options to choose from

Choose a brick-and-mortar school and your options are limited to where you live (unless, that is, you pack up and move to attend your school of choice). Depending on the location of your school, you may also have to wrestle with a long commute, which can take time away from your studies and other important obligations. On the other hand, considering an online option opens up a much larger world of possibility (and eliminates unpleasant commutes). Being able to choose a school virtually anywhere in the world will mean you’ll have access to the highest quality Health Coaching programs…right at your fingertips.


Not only is tuition typically lower for online Health Coach programs, you’ll also save on things like transportation costs. Class materials will also likely cost you less (or nothing!) when they’re online. Plus, there’s the added bonus of using less gas and less paper, which all makes for a healthier planet!

Flexibility and convenience

Learning online lets you call the shots. Instead of commuting to class and working around the school’s schedule, any online programs offer the ability to study when and where it’s convenient for you. Need resources? With an online program, there’s no need to trudge to a library or lab—everything you need is available online. Timing is often flexible as well. At Health Coach Institute, for example, we let students study at their own pace, and even allow up to one year to complete our training program.

Better concentration and comfort

Of course, onsite classrooms offer some great advantages, but they can also come with some pretty significant distractions (like potentially stressful commutes, chatter among other students, and different learning styles that can impact instruction, to name a few). Training online gives you the flexibility to find a study environment that’s quiet, comfortable, and conducive to learning, making it a lot easier to buckle down and concentrate on what’s important—becoming a Health Coach!

Ample resources at your fingertips

Having access to a wealth of resources online can be a huge advantage for prospective Health Coaches. Reference materials like checklists, templates, coaching demos, and marketing handouts and cheatsheets can make a big difference in your education and in your ability to attract and keep clients upon graduation. At Health Coach Institute, we make sure all of our students have access to an exclusive and comprehensive offering of resources.

A chance to sharpen your technical skills

As a Health Coach, your ability to communicate with clients is absolutely paramount to your success. And although speaking with clients in person is nice, it’s not always possible in today’s fast-paced world. These days, technology is often the thing that keeps us connected to others, and if you’re not comfortable working it, you’ll likely feel a bit lost. By engaging with social media tools, apps, and other technologies as part of your Health Coach training, you’ll be better prepared to interact online with future clients—which many of today’s Health Coaches are choosing to do!

Close community, just a click away

It may seem counterintuitive, but remote programs often have stronger student communities than onsite programs. Maybe it’s because online schools and the students who choose them know they have to work a bit harder to stay connected. Maybe it’s just the technology itself that makes the difference. But, the result is the same: you’ll have access to tools that instantly connect you to teachers and to other students. Whether you’re reaching out on a closed social media group, participating in a group call or video chat, or simply emailing a teacher, it’s easier than ever to get the support you need when you need it.

The opportunity to build life-long skills

As a Health Coach, you’ll need to be adept at managing your time and juggling multiple clients with different needs and personalities. Fortunately, online programs provide the perfect way to practice keeping track of a large number of projects and deadlines at once. Manage your time well at school and you’ll not only develop a life-long skill you can take with you, you’ll be well-prepared to help as many people as possible reach their health and wellness goals.

And there you have it—our top reasons to consider enrolling with an online Health Coach school! We hope this post helps make your decision about which school is the right option for you a little easier. We know it can feel overwhelming!

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