The first weeks of the year are a wonderful time to evaluate where you currently are in your wellness coaching journey and to set realizable and impactful goals for yourself and your business. You know all about the importance of this type of goal setting, and if you are already working as a wellness coach, you are probably helping clients with their New Year’s resolutions. Or perhaps you are new to wellness coaching and just starting to think about getting that wellness coach certification so that you can help more clients with their wellness goals.

So take a moment now to make a few resolutions of your own!

Wellness Coaching Resolutions

No matter where you are in your career as a wellness coach, making resolutions can be a great way to articulate your goals, evaluate your current status, and move forward. In an excellent article in Forbes, Kathy Caprino explains that resolution goal setting is a matter of asking the right questions: 

“What are the key themes that I want to expand on and bring into focus next year, and for what desired outcomes?”

As a wellness coach, your resolution themes and outcomes are likely connected to serving more clients and serving them better. Consider how the following resolutions can help make this happen!

Resolution 1: Complete Your Wellness Coach Certification

If you are new to wellness coaching, or even if you have been doing it for some time without certification, consider taking that leap into wellness coaching certification. While one can BE a wellness coach without certification, that certification can serve you, your business, and your clients in a variety of ways.

  • Wellness coach certification is a commitment to professionalism. It shows your clients that you take your coaching seriously and have taken steps to do it better. 
  • Wellness coach certification is good for marketing. If you live in an area with other wellness coaches, then your certification can help you stand out.
  • Perhaps this is obvious, but it is worth noting that you will learn a wide range of new skills, develop a new network of peers, and gain invaluable knowledge in your wellness coaching certification program. All of these can help your business grow!

Resolution 2: Help Your Wellness Coaching Business Grow

Speaking of helping your business grow — that sounds like a great resolution to make! Growth can look different for every wellness coaching operation, so don’t be too concerned if your goals don’t match your friend’s goals. Just know that growth is VITAL to any business. 

Resolve today to think about growth. Maybe you want to start small, so a goal of adding one new client to your roster is enough. Perhaps you want to be more ambitious and want to add one a week, or 10 a week, or 100 new clients each month. Whatever you pick, be transparent with yourself, forgive yourself if you miss the goal, and celebrate when you exceed it.

Once you complete your wellness coach certification, use that to change the narrative about your business. Celebrate that certification and allow that commitment to professionalism to help you earn clients’ trust and business!

Resolution 3: Focus Wellness Goals

With all this talk about business, let’s step back to the vital essentials of your business — helping your clients make and achieve wellness goals. Don’t forget that your clients will be making their own New Year’s resolutions, and that those probably include wellness goals that you will be a part of. But that ALSO is true for your potential clients. The first weeks of the year are a perfect time to gather new clients, reconnect with past clients, and offer new services to your existing clients!

Don’t forget about your OWN wellness goals. Don’t let this new growth make you forget about your own health. You will be more effective for your clients if you are well, so practice what you preach! 

These wellness goals don’t have to be huge or life altering. Here are a few suggestions from Prima Magazine you can put into practice (and help your clients put into practice) immediately!

  • Develop — and stick to — daily routines. 
  • Practice good sleep hygiene with a regular schedule.
  • Devote your time to deep and loving friendships. 
  • Prioritize self-care. 
  • Find some time for regular exercise.
  • Check out a good book. 
  • Enrich your diet.

If you are ready to take the next steps in your wellness coaching career, including earning your wellness coach certification, Health Coach Institute is ready to help!

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