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7 Ways Decluttering Can Transform Your Mental Well-being

Declutter your life and see your coaching and mental well-being take a great leap in positivity!

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How to become a Nutrition Coach Online

Acquiring the right education to become a nutrition coach online shouldn’t be complicated. Nowadays, we take advantage of the digital environment to increase our value, our source of income, and our network. In the same way, you can now just complete the necessary training to become a nutrition coach through the tips of your fingers. Online […]

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Nutrition Coach Vs Health Coach: What Are The Key Differences?

So you went to sleep thinking the next day is the day that you’ll turn your life around by quitting your damaging habits, eating right, and exercising regularly. You know exactly what you need to do. But the next morning, as soon as the alarm turns on, you hit the snooze button and sleep a […]

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Become a Nutrition Coach: 5 Proven Ways To Boost Your Career

If you are contemplating whether to become a nutrition coach, read on to discover how it can boost your career.  The health and wellness industry provides ever-expanding opportunities for career enhancement especially for those who are working on the medical field and fitness arena. Nutrition coaches are sought after especially by individuals who are fervent […]

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Wellness Coach vs. Health Coach: The Key Differences

With the promising professional opportunities presented by the health and wellness industry, there is no doubt that many people are paying more attention to entering the coaching business. If you are interested in this profession, it is imperative that you understand the difference between a health coach and wellness coach. These two titles are often […]

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15 Ways Coaches Cope with Stress in the Modern World

Coaches who know how to manage and handle their own stress are better equipped to help their clients with stress management.

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Everything You Want to Know before taking the NBHWC Certification Exam

Taking the NBHWC exam can be challenging and rough on the nerves. Here are some helpful tips to prepare for your upcoming exam!

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9 Health Coach-Approved Halloween Treats Your Clients Will Love

Holidays can be tricky when it comes to staying on top of health goals. We all want to enjoy ourselves—and we should!—but it can be easy to fall off track when there are sweet temptations lurking around every corner.  Serve Your Clients Some Healthy Halloween Treats! With Halloween right around the corner, we want to […]

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How Much Can a Wellness Coach Make?

Considering a career as a Wellness Coach or Health Coach and wondering how much you can expect to earn? Let’s start with the simple answer: According to PayScale, the average salary for a Wellness Coach is approximately $44,090 a year.  However, for Wellness Coaches, salary and income averages can be deceiving. That’s because you can […]

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