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How Do You Become a Certified Wellness Coach?

It’s an exciting time to break into the wellness industry! According to the Global Wellness Institute, the wellness market is growing at twice the rate of the global economy. That’s great news for anyone considering becoming a Wellness Coach! [link to silo] However, such rapid growth has created a flood of training and certification options, […]

5.14.19 | Kari Popov

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Hear Our Ideas About How to Solve the Health Care Crisis

In President Richard Nixon’s State of the Union address in 1970, he mentioned the need for reform in America’s health program, and said that doing so would “deeply enhance the quality” of American lives.   The same holds true now, almost 50 years later. We don’t have all the answers to this problem, but there […]

5.7.19 | Mark Ward

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What Makes HCI the Best Health Coach Training School?

We’re throwing it back in honor of Throwback Thursday! We found this oldie but goodie from 2012 in our video archives and we just had to share. It features Stacey Morgenstern and Carey Peters (Health Coach Institute’s badass co-founders) rocking it way back in their Holistic MBA days. This video is living proof that Stacey […]

5.1.19 | Rebecca Cretella

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Should I Join a Health Coach School Online?

It’s the perfect time to become a Health Coach! Not only are there incredible opportunities to build a successful career that will help you live out your passion, but there are a variety of Health Coach schools offering training today. If you’re on the hunt for the best school for you, you have a lot […]

4.9.19 | Kristina Brune

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A Day In The HCI Life with Beth Hicks

Beth Hicks is a current student of our Become a Health Coach program and is on her way to becoming a top-notch Coach! She spends part of her time coaching, part of her time being an awesome grandma, and the other part as a student. To learn how she balances it all read the newest […]

4.3.19 | Coline Duncan

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How Much Can You Make with a Dietetics Certificate?

Maybe you’re a faithful food label reader. Maybe you love to experiment with recipes. Maybe you love the challenge of planning a meal that’s both delicious and nutritious. Maybe you’re just really interested in good food.   Or maybe you’re interested in healthy eating AND feel called to work as a professional who can help […]

4.1.19 | Jennifer Larson

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